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    [Events] Upcoming Updates & Fixes

    by Voyage of Pirates Online on Thursday, January 16, 2020

    Bug Fixes.
    Gem Combining scrolls will be stackable.
    Ref gem vouchers will be stackable.
    Winter Isle will be opened.
    Changes to the Award Center with price adjustments and new items.
    Lv50 chest will no longer be available at NPC Pappa.
    They will be given whenever you use the lv40 class newbie chest.
    Refining Gem Voucher item effect will be added.
    Language Barrier quest will no longer require sea items.
    Re-editing the Adventurer Part 1 Quest.
    Re-editing the Rebirth 1 & 2 quest series.
    More things for Discord; like levels being rewardable in game.
    Reward item for players who find and report bugs that can be exploited, or that offer suggestions and have helped the server evolve.
    Legendary Tree of Fortune will drop 10k gold notes.

    New item Mall Crystal Fragment will be added to monster drops (to be announced) and will be exchangeable for Mall Crystals.

    Website changes will take place throughout the week. Any in game based updates will be applied durring next weeks maintenance on Jan. 19th 2020.

    After this update we will be focusing more on bug fixes instead of new content. When we have the bugs resolved, we will begin work on version 2 of the game that will introduce more monsters, maps, equipment, and items. Stay tuned for announcements for an expected release date. Players will still be able to make suggestions for minor revisions to the server, such as making items stackable, or editing the value of something, etc.