Server Time: 18:46 2020-02-17
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  • Q: How can I level up?
    A: Players can level up by killing monsters outside of cities. Isles, and Mirage maps are also good places to go too.
    Q: How do I earn money?
    A: Money can be earned by killing monsters. Normal monsters give between 5 and 25 gold per kill. Bosses can give higher amounts. You can also earn gold by completing quests or selling wanted items to other players.
    Q: How do I get Mall Crystals?
    A: Mall Crystals can be earned by defeating bosses. They can also be earned through events or by donating to the server.
    Q: I think someone is cheating. What do I do?
    A: If anyone suspects a player of cheating, players can report it to a GM. Any user suspected of cheating will go through a manual investigation of their account.
    Q: Does this server have events?
    A: Yes. We try to host regular events and also have automatic events such as Online Rewards, News Years, and Christmas events.
    Q: Is there a Discord Server?
    A: Yes. We keep our Discord updated regularly. It is also the most easy way to contact a staff member when a GM is not in game. Discord can be found by clicking here.
    Q: Do GMs help players level or give items?
    A: No. GM's are not allowed to interact with players in any way, except to answer questions or if events are being hosted.
    Q: My account is bugged. What do I do?
    A: Contact us on Discord or by using the Contact Us form under the Support menu at the top of this page.
    Q: How do I make suggestions or report bugs?
    A: Go to our Discord server. We have channels set up for players to make suggestions, inform us of bugs, and much more.
    Q: Where can I find more information about the server?
    A: Visit our Guide Index. We will keep this page updated as often as possible with the games features.
    Q: Does the server have alot of players?
    A: Yes we do have loyal players. The online count varies, depending on what time you access the server. We encourage our users to help spread the word by creating short Youtube videos, advertising on forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. We do not encourage users to advertise on other servers.