Server Time: 19:25 2020-02-19
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  • Change Log

    Version 1.05 - 1/26/2020
    Phyllis crusader. *BETA*
    Sea Portals to allow travel from different maps. Coordinates: Ascaron to Deep Blue: 2347,427 | Ascaron to Magical Ocean: 204,2368 | Deep Blue to Ascaron: 3085,2170 | Deep Blue to Magical Ocean: 2551,2176 | Magical Ocean to Ascaron: 3354,2283 | Magical Ocean to Deep Blue: 2768,2382
    Mystic Clovers will be available at the Award Center.
    Drop rate adjustment on Bounty Chests.
    Drop rate adjustment on mini bosses for Mall Crystal Fragments.
    Adjustments to Death Mobs in Bounty.
    Adjustments to Sea Wars Boss.
    Abaddon entry fee adjusted to 250k gold instead of the original items.
    Level will be capped at 115 until we release the next version.

    Version 1.04 - 1/19/2020
    Bug Fixes.
    Gem Combining scrolls will be stackable.
    Ref gem vouchers will be stackable.
    Winter Isle will be opened.
    Changes to the Award Center with price adjustments and new items.
    Lv50 chest will no longer be available at NPC Pappa. They will be given whenever you use the lv40 class newbie chest.
    Refining Gem Voucher item effect will be added.
    Language Barrier quest will no longer require sea items.
    Re-editing the Adventurer Part 1 Quest.
    Re-editing the Rebirth 1 & 2 quest series.
    More things for Discord; like levels being rewardable in game.
    Reward item for players who find and report bugs that can be exploited, or that offer suggestions and have helped the server evolve.
    New item Mall Crystal Fragment will be added to monster drops (to be announced) and will be exchangeable for Mall Crystals.
    Legendary Tree of Fortune will drop 10k gold notes.
    Prosperous Packets now exchange for Mall Crystal Fragments at NPC Pappa.
    Lucky Packets exchanger at NPC Pappa.
    Wood exchanger at Argent Chairman Ronnie.
    Great Fruits for sale at Fairy Merchant.

    Version 1.03 - 1/12/2020
    Award Center at NPC Pappa in Argent City
    Adventurer Part 1 Quest Series
    Newbie Chests will go up to level 150
    Analyze NPC
    Updates to the Guide Index
    Daily Tasks
    Azrael Gems will drop from Abaddon bosses
    Possession included with Angela Jr. purchase at Fairy Merchant.
    Fairy Merchant will exchange Fairy Coins for pots.
    Ancient Generator excahange will be lowered to 1 robot core and 1k gold.
    More items added to Award Center NPC
    Ref drop in Sea Wars will be changed to Refining Gem Voucher.
    Sea Wars salvage drops will be changed to a Sea Wars Voucher to exchange for normal and unique gems.
    Party invite will work inside Chaos Argent.
    Removal of fee for World and Trade chats.
    No Exp stone will no longer be required in FC and DS.
    Drops rates of Ref Gems and other drops will be adjusted.

    Version 1.02 - 1/5/2020
    Argent Mirage for leveling up to 130.
    Level 100 unseals.
    Rebirth 2 added to Rebirth Task npc in Argent.
    Admiral Cloak upgrade.
    King of the Ring emblem exchangeable for more rewards.
    Adjustments to online reward timing.
    Reality Mask for 10x Wood at Argent Grocery.
    Pet Fruit and Ration NPC in Argent for Signets and Royal Signets.
    Mirage will no longer take Reputation.
    Maze monsters will drop Refining Gem voucher instead of Refining Gem.
    Fusion and Strengthening scrolls will be stackable.
    Remove honor price of Chaos Argent.
    Stone of Oath not dropping will be resolved.

    Version 1.01 - 1/1/2020
    Level 1 Sandbag added to new characters.
    Apparel npc will be added by Icicle tele.
    Rear and Angela Jr will be available at Argent fountain.
    1st Gen fairies are available for gold at the item mall npc in argent.
    Hairstyling npc sells all items to change hair.
    Information npc will be added in Argent to get Admiral Cloak and Goddess's Favor.
    Unseal 100 will be tradeable.
    Admiral Cloak will give +3 base,
    Bounty Hunter will be able to party players.
    Black Dragon, Barborosa, Kraken, Black Jewel, Deathsoul Commander, and FC/DS/DW bosses will drop Mall Crystals.
    CA time adjusted to every 4 hours.
    Online reward event will include pet leveling fruits.
    Adding jackpot npc to Shaitan.