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For Bitcoin contests, your Bitcoin address must show activity. Wallets with 0 transactions may be considered as an attempt to submit multiple entries. If network transaction fees are higher than usual, your Bitcoin prize may be delayed until fees return to a normal price. Entries suspected to be submitted through a VPN or Tor may be considered as an attempt to submit multiple entries. Only 1 entry per wallet address, email address and IP will be accepted. Multiple entries will be deleted. You must submit a valid email address as this is how you will be contacted if you win or if I have any additional questions. Please do not contact me asking if you have won or if the prize has been sent. I will ignore these messages. Your prize, if you win, will be sent out within 1 to 3 days, depending on my schedule. You will be contacted by email if you are chosen as a winner. Winners are chosen by using a random number generator and your entry number.

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5/31/2022 To Be Announced To Be Announced 0.00025000 BTC